Clever ways to get more out of your sex toys

Ready to switch up your pleasure play? Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newbie, the world of sex toys offers an endless playground for exploration and excitement. But why stick to the user manual when you can write your own rules? We've got some ingenious hacks that will have you rethinking what your toys can do. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your pleasure collection with these tips, including a special highlight on doubling the fun with just two dildos and a bit of creativity.

Explore beyond the bedroom

Get more from your sex toys by breaking the confines of traditional settings. Experiment with different environments in your home or, if privacy allows, venture outdoors. The change in ambiance, temperature, and setting can transform the experience, offering new sensations and emotional connections.

Do you stick your suction cup dildo to the shower wall? Try a plastic chair, the door or even a mirror. Ensure it's securely attached to the wall to avoid accidents. Safety first!

You can also use a thigh strap-on on other surfaces, such as a pillow for an easy riding setup.

Pair with technology

Many sex toys come with apps that offer features like remote control, custom vibration patterns, and even synchronisation with music or erotic audiobooks. Utilising these technologies can enhance your experience, making it more interactive and tailored to your desires. Explore the app store related to your device to discover what's possible. The most popular app-enabled toys are made by Lovense, Satisfyer and We-Vibe which offer great variety in the functions.

Combine and conquer

Combining different toys can unlock levels of pleasure you hadn't imagined. Whether it’s the simultaneous internal and external stimulation or the varied textures and shapes, the possibilities are vast. Experiment with what you have, and don't be afraid to mix things up. For example, slide a vibrating cock ring onto a dildo, effectively turning it into a dual stimulation toy.

Elevate your experience with a wand vibrator by sliding a masturbation egg over its head, introducing an innovative twist to texture play. This simple yet ingenious hack transforms the smooth surface of the wand into a landscape of pleasurable textures, offering a variety of sensations with the egg's unique patterns and soft material.

Add a vibrating twist to your trusty butt plug. By placing a wand vibrator against the base of a butt plug, you can transform it into a dynamic vibrating toy. This hack not only introduces powerful vibrations that resonate deeply within, but it also allows for an adjustable intensity level, giving you complete control over your pleasure.

Always clean your toys before and after combining them to ensure a hygienic and enjoyable experience.

DIY double-ended dildo

Add a creative twist to your partner play by sticking two suction cup dildos together end-to-end to create a DIY double-ended dildo. Ensure the suction cups of both dildos are clean and slightly moistened for a stronger hold. Press them together firmly to create one seamless toy. One of the biggest advantages of this method is the ability to customize the length and texture to your liking. Whether you prefer a smooth experience or a textured journey, you can mix and match dildos to suit your preference.

Discover new territories

Use your toys to explore new pleasure points. Sometimes, all it takes is a new angle or position to discover a hotspot you never knew existed. Try experimenting with your suction clitoral stimulator by using it on your nipples or use your internal toy for full-body massage.

Turn overwhelming into pleasurable

Have a dildo that feels unmanageable? The Ohnut presents an innovative solution for those who find certain toys overwhelming in size, making them more comfortable to use. This wearable, customisable ring acts as a buffer, effectively reducing the penetrative depth of a toy. By stacking the soft, stretchy rings around the base of a dildo or other penetrative toys, users can control the level of penetration to their comfort, ensuring a more pleasant experience.

Closing thoughts

With a bit of creativity and willingness to explore, you can significantly enhance your sex toy experience. The possibilities for pleasure are limitless. Let your curiosity lead the way and enjoy the journey of exploration. Happy experimenting!