Safe Sex Toy Materials

We demand our bottles are BPA-free, that our food is of organic source and use cosmetics that are paraben-free and safe for our bodies. Unfortunately this is not always a thing with sex toys.

When you shop at Peachy Vibes, you can be sure that the toys you buy are safe to use and put in your body. There are more important decisions you should make when buying a sex toy than having to research which materials won’t harm your health. We’ve done it for you.

Safe sex is not just contraception.

Body-safe sex toy materials

Many sex toys on the market contain phthalates, a chemical used for softening plastic. It gives off strong plastic smell and recent research studies indicate that phthalate toxicity can target the reproductive and respiratory systems.

Body-safe materials are safe for intimate and internal use and don’t contain harmful chemicals. Unfortunately the sex toy industry is not as well regulated and many manufacturers will say their toys are body-safe when more than often they are not.

All toys on Peachy Vibes are body-safe and made by trusted manufacturers world wide. We keep an open conversation with the brands we stock and make sure to gather as much information on the products we sell as possible.


Silicone toys are durable, retain body heat and vary from firm to super soft. If you are looking for a toy that is the best of both worlds, try dual-firmness silicone products which are firm on the inside but squishy on the outside.

Silicone is very hypoallergenic and non-porous which makes it the perfect choice for sensitive skin.

Non-vibrating silicone toys can be sanitised by boiling completely submerged for 3-5 minutes. Be mindful that the toy can get very hot during boiling so handle with care.
Alternative is to use a sex toy cleaner or wipe down your toy with rubbing alcohol and wash it thoroughly.

Using silicone based lubricant with a silicone toy can cause the silicon to break down which will permanently damage the toy. We recommend using water-based lube.

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