How to choose the right condom size

Just as penises come in all sizes and shapes – so do condoms. When a condom is too small it can feel uncomfortable or tear. Condoms that are too big can slip off. Condoms are not one size fits all, continue reading to find a condom perfect for you.

Remember, that practicing safe sex is important and condoms are the only form of contraception that can protect you and your partner from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. While contraception is responsibility of all parties, finding the right condom size is important for overall pleasurable experience.

A condom that is correct size will feel comfortable and not too tight while covering the full length of your penis and leaving room in the tip.

How to measure your penis

To measure your penis correctly, it needs to be in erect state and it is best to measure the middle or thickest part of the shaft for most accurate measurement. To measure the length of penis, place a measuring tape at the base of penis, pushing into the pubic bone and measure to the end of the tip.

Easiest way to measure the circumference is by using a string and holding it around the penis so it is not too loose or too tight. Then place the string next to a tape measure or ruler to determine the length.

Alternatively you can use a printable guide provided by MY.SIZE condoms here.

Condom sizes

Most condom manufacturers use the following condom circumference sizes:

  • Size 45: Circumference: up to 9.4 cm
  • Size 47: Circumference: 9.5 cm - 10 cm
  • Size 49: Circumference: 10 cm - 11 cm
  • Size 53: Circumference: 11 cm - 11.5 cm
  • Size 57: Circumference: 11.5 cm - 12 cm
  • Size 60: Circumference: 12 cm - 13 cm
  • Size 64: Circumference: 13 cm - 14 cm
  • Size 69: Circumference: 14 cm - 15 cm
  • Size 72: Circumference: 15 cm - 16 cm

You might find some brands that size their condoms as small, medium, large etc. In such cases small condoms often are below size 49; medium (also labelled as standard or regular) are 49 - 57 and large, XL etc. are anything above size 57. 

If the size of your penis is in between two sizes, choose the smaller size to make sure the condom does not fall off.

Remember to add extra water-based or silicone-based lubricant on the outside of the condom for more pleasure and added protection against condom tearing. It is best to avoid lubricating your penis before putting on a condom as it can lead to the condom slipping off during sex. If using latex condoms, never use oil-based lubricants as those can damage and tear condoms.